Saturday, September 10, 2011

History of the aircraft (the Wright Brothers - First Flight)

The plan of the first plane the Wright Brothers "was born in 1899. This followed a formal request for the flight test data submitted to the Smithsonian Institution.

The plans are based on the theory of deformation of the Wright brothers on the wings, where the configuration can manipulate the movement of the wing tip the balance and rolling the plane. It is a careful study of the Wright brothers' flight of birds, where they can reach their flight patterns through the warping constant of the wings. The end result is a small building biplane glider, and tested the flight as a kite.

Wilbur and Orville Wright ideas continue to evolve over the next three years. It comes in various forms of gliders, both manned and unmanned. Researchers also continue to study various fly like Cayley, Otto Lilienthal and Langley. Conducted extensive discussions with Octave Chanute, the Wright brothers continued their search for solutions to critical problems of flight control.

Chose Kitty Hawk, North Carolina as the test sites for comparative biplane glider that weighs 50 pounds physical, the Wright brothers achieved their first success of any test flight in 1900. Glider glider pilot is the first in history and shows a wingspan of 17 feet with a wing-strain control marks brothers. Then he began to work on developing a larger glider, but with more sophisticated controls and landing gear.

The result is 100 pounds a glider with a wingspan of 22 feet and landing glide, in 1901. Unfortunately, flight tests conducted in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, the experience of sailing all issues, such as pitch control, flying out of control and ability to lift the weak.

Demoralization, but not discouraged, with test results, the Wrights continued to analyze their work. The root problem goes back to the design calculations are not exact. Using a wind tunnel to experiment with different wing design, a new wing that will create a solid foundation based on a support mechanism should work. This includes the tail for flight stabilization and measured its wingspan of 32 meters.

Another breakthrough followed the trial of this wing in 1902. The tests provide new ideas about how brothers tail can be adjusted to add the ability to change the balance and flying objects. This was confirmed by other experiments in wind tunnel, which eventually became the first airplane the Wright brothers is the propulsion engine, aptly named - the steering wheel.

With the track moves in the booklet of building speed, Orville Wright flew the first airplane ever flown driven in history, December 17, 1903. The flight lasted only 12 seconds, and it was only the second attempt. Flyer II quickly followed the record books on November 9, 1904, when Wilbur Wright flew for more than five minutes.

Tragedy struck in 1908 as the first flight of death was recorded as a result the death of a passenger - Signal Corps Lieutenant Thomas Selfridge. Aircraft flown by Orville Wright, who miraculously survived the accident on September 17.

This, however, is to stop the U. S. Government of its first purchase of Wright Brothers biplane, on July 30, 1909. Reaching speeds over 40 mph, you will receive a bonus of $ 5,000 on sales of $ 25,000. Prior to the first machine gun supported aircraft out of College Park, Maryland airport in 1912. And the brothers continued relationship with the government, when the July 18, 1914, Flight of the Signal Corps was created and filled the bearing of the Wright brothers plane inventive hands and principal rival, Glenn Curtiss.

Glenn Curtiss is unfortunate losers in clothing patents heats up against him by the Wright brothers in the same year. His creations are born from the idea that wing, which means "Little Wing" in French. Although clearly different from the Wright brothers' wing-strain control, the Court ruled that the U.S. violate the Wright brothers flight controls property side.

Over the next four years from 1909, creating the Wright brothers continued to make their mark. The plane got its name from the sparkling wines, VIN FIZ became the first aircraft to complete a battle throughout the United States for 84 days, but spend more time in the field of landing accidents are numerous. 1911 incidents can be packed in a word, the brightness of the interesting and sometimes weird, from the Wright brothers' plane in history.


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